Calling all Bored Apes Holders. Let’s play soccer!

Are you a Bored Ape owner? Do you think your Bored Ape have what it takes to become the next Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar? Do you want to sign a very juicy contract for him or her?


If you answered yes, then we want to sign your Bored Ape to be part of The Locker Room and become a successful soccer player.


I want to participate!
Participating in the draft so that your Bored Ape is selected is very simple, you just have to do the following:


* Share a photo of your Bored Ape on Twitter indicating why you think it has what it takes to be the next soccer crack. The deadline for sharing the photo and description is June 23rd 23:59 ET.


* Don’t forget to tag us (@TLR_LockerRoom), you will receive an extra point if tag the Bored Ape Yacht Club (@ BoredApeYC) using the #TLR hashtag.


Join this team, be part of “The Locker Room” and LFG!

The Locker Room

We have a challenge hidden in our roadmap that will take you to Qatar2022, once our coach allows us we will give you all the details and mechanics to be able to participate and win it.

The official call to draft 11 Bored Apes is announced. Once drafted the licensing contracts are signed and each player will receive an honorary token based on their Bored Ape.

While the players are warming up, the clues to access The Locker Room will be revealed!

555 TLR All Access Passes will be available for those who discovered the clues.

We know that our holders are Soccer fans that is why we will airdrop t-shirts from teams that have won a World Cup.

** Exclusive for TLR All Access Pass holders.

We open the NFT token sale for The Locker Room Chimpions collection.

Exclusive NFTs, IRL and metaverse prizes for holders.
Once The Locker Room Chimpions collection is sold out, we will start with the daily drip of the TLR token.

TLR All Access Pass

TLR All Access Pass is the master key, the golden ticket, a privileged and preferential access to all the projects that will be developed under the “The Locker Room” brand.


This pass will give you lifetime preferential access to all our future projects consistent of: free mints, access to whitelists, gifts, events and discounts among others.


TLR All Access Pass is also your access key for the projects, games and/or promotions we partner with.


The Locker Room has a multidisciplinary team with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, web2.0 and web3.0 the team (founding partners, developers, artists, contributors) is fully doxxed and many of us have founded successful companies IRL.

Founding Partners

Carlos Alcocer - The Locker Room
Carlos Alcocer
Oriana Nan - The Locker Room
Oriana Nan
Raquel Sánchez - The Locker Room
Raquel Sanchez
Juan Pablo Sueiro - The Locker Room
Juan Pablo Sueiro


Keith Bussey - The Locker Room
Keith Bussey
Solidity Developer
Adam Hudani - The Locker Room
Adam Hudani
Solidity Developer


Roberto Soriano - The Locker Room
Roberto Soriano
Art Director
Pequi Bonaface


J.C. Carlon
Community Manager Twitter


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the “The Locker Room” Project and some of the questions we thought you’d want to hear the answer to.

What is The Locker Room?

“The Locker Room” is a community of football fans offering IRL benefits to our NFT holders. The Locker Room is the place where professional players live together before a game, it is the B side of football and everything that happens around the game; the mystique, planning, team spirit, fun, celebration and exclusivity of belonging to a select group.

The Locker Room is also a “Play, Earn and Own” ecosystem, in which you can earn $TLR, the ERC-20 token from our platform or the different IRL prizes and experiences

How is it different from other football projects?

This is a project designed from and for the community, we go beyond football, the game and the technical part of a game. We talk about the experience, the mystique, the passion, the exclusive life of the players and our mission will be to get community members to get closer to living those kinds of experiences

How do I get access to The Locker Room?

To enter The Locker Room you will need to mint one of our TLR Chimpions.

If you have a Locker Room All Access Pass, you can mint it for free (only paying the gas fee).

What is the release date?

We will announce it soon. Follow us on Twitter and Discord to stay on top of the news

How many players will be available?


How much will it cost?

We will announce it soon

Is there a transaction limit per minting?

There is a limit of 11 players per transaction. The equivalent of a football team.

What are the TLR t-shirts for the Metaverse?

TLR will launch an exclusive collection of football t-shirts from the different countries participating in the 2022 World Cup.

How can I get a t-shirt from my country for the Metaverse?

With a TLR All Access Pass, you can claim an OG t-shirt (you only pay the gas fee). The t-shirts available will be those of the countries that have won a world championship, with a classic design. If your country is not among the winners, be aware that we will be releasing new t-shirts.

What are $TLR tokens?

TLR is an ERC-20 governance and utility token that will be used throughout the application ecosystem in the “The Locker Room” platform.

We are hiring!

If you are interested in being part of our community, we are searching for referees and anchors (moderetaros and community managers) for our discord community. If you have what it takes, please fill the following form. Both are paid positions!